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Costume Design/Build

Conundrum Theatre
Coming Soon!


72 costumes had to be Built/altered.  My budget was $18 per costume.  Because this is primarily a dance school and the musical theatre department is fairly new, I had to make the costumes for movement as well as function.  Enjoy this slideshow of my progress and final product!


It took several months, but after collecting thousands of pull tabs off of soda cans, I was finally able to complete a chainmail vest to compliment the gamer outfit for the lead character in our webseries!  The armor itself was made out of individual pieces of Children's craft foam and paint. I think I threw some cardboard in there as well?  But all of this was found materials so I am happy with the end result.

Lana Tuna

I designed and built 4 Costumes for this adorable short film staring one of the most adorable kiddos I have ever met.  I'll add more finished product pictures as soon as it stops hitting the film circuit.


I designed and built the ensemble bird costumes for this show, using various foams, fabrics, feathers, and wire forms.  I also did alterations for the shows other costumes.

Alien Space Queen

Designed and built for a web-series, this featured an EVA foam shoulder harness and a custom built under bust with hand painted and metal rod articulated octopus tentacles.   The silver suit was hand made using various pieces of clothing from the actress as a pattern.


Bella Vita Entertainment Dogfight

Costume Design/Alterations by me

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