Hi, I'm Kristen

So....this will be short and sweet. I have recently been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure and a rare blood disease and a whole bunch of other stuff. My world, pre-sick, was film and work, which you will find a lot of on this website. Now my world is figuring out how to be alive.

So, if anything I am saying has any sort of meaning to you, please, stay for a while. Comment back with your own experiences. I don't even know if anyone will read this but i figure, I can't be the only one experiencing the things I am going through. As a fat, femme, cis, pansexual, Native American woman, I am sure there is something here that will resonate. So, let's smash the patriarchy together, rant about lack of extended plus size visibility in media, and end racism. Sound good? Cool.

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